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CrossCopy is a cloud based clipboard manager aiming to provide a seamless universal clipboard experience across all of your devices.

Unlike other cloud-based clipboard managers, you don't need to manually copy and paste content into an app. Instead, everything is done for you in the background. The experience will be seamless, you won't even realize that your clipboard on 2 devices are isolated.

i.e. after Ctrl + C on one device, you can Ctrl + V on the other device immediately.

It's kind of like Apple's handoff, but available on all platforms and will be open sourced.

This project will be open sourced, GitHub Repos will be public once it's ready to be used.

This documentation will contain instructions to install and use the app. Any advices are welcome, leave an issue in the corresponding repo or send an email to the author.

See roadmap for the latest version you can use.

Supported Platforms

PlatformDevelopment Progress
CLI (Windows / MacOS / Linux)In Progress
WebIn Progress

Planned Features

Clipboard Text Syncing
Clipboard Image SyncingPlanned to be supported in the future, will be developed once desktop client is supported.
Client-Side EncryptionAll clipboard data are encrypted on client side. Even database manager won't be able to view your data.
Offline ModeClipboard History recording will be available when no internet is available, and will be synced once connected to internet. It can also work completely offline as a clipboard history app without syncing feature.
Realtime SyncingWhile connected to internet, data is synced to other devices in realtime.
Clipboard History
Self DeploymentYou can deploy on your own server for better security, while there is already client-side encryption out of the box.
Cloud SupportSaaS
External PluginYou can use plugins to preprocess data to be synced. e.g. implement your own encryption, upload your data to databases/notion, filter keywords (do not upload bank card number)